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Registry Status
Rainfall definitions Submitted
Bioregional Assessment Programme Glossary Submitted
Cloud Cover Observation Measurements Submitted
Drought Rainfall Definitions Submitted
NEII Observation Method Submitted
NEII Sampling Regime Submitted
NEII Observed Property Submitted
NEII Licencing Submitted
NEII Data Availability Submitted
Definitions for 9am and 3pm Climate Statistics Submitted
NEII SRS Name Submitted
NEII Site Status Submitted
Australian Network of Hydrologic Reference Stations glossary Submitted
ReefTemp Next Generation Glossary Submitted
Solar Radiation Definitions Submitted
Tidal Terminology Submitted
Temperature Definitions Submitted
Tsunami Glossary of Terms Submitted
Water Regulations 2008 water information terms Submitted
Water Market Reports glossary Submitted
Wave, sea and swell terms Submitted
Australian Groundwater Insight Submitted
Australian Water Assessment Landscape Model Submitted
Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems Atlas Submitted
Climate Statistics Definitions for Daily Elements Submitted
Australian Hydrological Geospatial Fabric (Geofabric) Submitted
National Groundwater Information System Submitted
Climate Glossary Submitted
Australian Landscape Water Balance Submitted
Stratigraphic Units Ontology Accepted
ASLS Soil Profile classifiers Accepted
Soil Chemical Methods Accepted
ASLS Location classifiers Accepted
Soil Physical Measurements Accepted
ASLS Vegetation classifiers Accepted
ASLS Landform classifiers Accepted
ASLS Land Surface classifiers Accepted
Ontology for the Australian National Soil Information System (ANSIS) Accepted
ASLS Substrate classifiers Accepted
Soil Vocabularies coordinated through Federation University Invalid
Australian Soil Classification Accepted
The Briscoe-Smith Archive Submitted
Data Roles Accepted
CSIRO Causal Networks Stable
CSIRO Causal Networks Stable
Borehole drilling method Accepted
National Species List Data Model Accepted
New South Wales Forest Monitoring and improvement Program (NSW-FMIP) Accepted
Metamorphic thermal regime style Stable
JORC Code Stable
Metamorphic P-T trajectory Stable
Tectonic unit type Stable
CRIRSCO mineral resource reporting Stable
Geoscience units of measurement Stable
Location method Stable
Metamorphic stage Stable
Metamorphic facies Stable
Geochemistry Data Model Accepted
Borehole geometry Stable
Geological feature type Stable
Vertical/depth reference systems Stable
VocPub Profile Accepted
Australian physiographic units Stable
Borehole start point setting Stable
GSWA collection facilities Stable
Western Australian coordinate reference systems Stable
Western Australian mineral fields and districts Stable
DMIRS offices Stable
Physiographic unit types Stable
Borehole Configuration Stable
Northern Territory Vegetation Site Database Invalid
Three Parks Savanna Fire-effects Plot Network Stable
National Roads Submitted
Williams Wet Tropics Vertebrate database Stable
TERN Ecosystem Processes Stable
Cadastral Survey Dataset Submissions Model Submitted
Feature Labelling Model Stable
Roads Model Stable
Queensland Spatial Information Supermodel Stable
Cadastre Model Stable
Transaction status Stable
Countries Stable
Geoscience Commodity Product Forms Stable
Qualitative Confidence Stable
Lithological Type Stable
Qld export terminals Stable
Currency codes Stable
Transaction type Stable
Industry classifications Stable
Rock unit rank Stable
Geological properties Stable
Resource stockpile purpose Stable
GSQ feature status Stable
Public Policy Taxonomy Stable
Australian Information Security Classifications Submitted
Biological Databases of South Australia (BDBSA) Accepted
Australian Biodiversity Information Standard Accepted
National Address Model Stable
Natural Resource Management Controlled Vocabularies Submitted
Organisational Supermodel Stable