Borehole geometry

Submitted by on Thu, 02/11/2023 - 15:05

This vocabulary covers the common terminology and concepts used in the mineral and energy industries to fully depict the 3D extent of a borehole (i.e. its position in space and the depth reached) or the position of any point along the borehole. The list focuses on the primary and some derived/calculated parameters that are part of reporting for drilling activities, and does include specific processes/procedures related to the acquisition of some of these parameters (e.g. downhole directional survey). The vocabulary does not include colloquial terms used by industry or the various ways of projecting a borehole trace onto different planes (e.g. plan view, longitudinal projection, cross-section). The coordinate and vertical reference systems used to report borehole parameters are described in separate vocabularies (Western Australian coordinate reference systems and Vertical/depth reference systems, respectively). A companion vocabulary (Borehole configuration) covers the qualitative terms used to describe the intended configuration and trajectory of a borehole.

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