Title Registry Status
Metamorphic facies Accepted
Metamorphic thermal regime style Accepted
Metamorphic P-T trajectory Accepted
Geoscience units of measurement Accepted
Tectonic unit type Accepted
Location method Accepted
Borehole geometry Accepted
JORC Code Accepted
Metamorphic stage Accepted
CRIRSCO mineral resource reporting Accepted
Vertical/depth reference systems Stable
Geological feature type Stable
Australian physiographic units Stable
Western Australian mineral fields and districts Stable
GSWA collection facilities Stable
Borehole start point setting Stable
Physiographic unit types Stable
Western Australian coordinate reference systems Stable
DMIRS offices Stable
Borehole Configuration Stable
Countries Stable
Qualitative Confidence Stable
Lithological Type Stable
Qld export terminals Stable
Transaction status Stable
Geoscience Commodity Product Forms Stable
Geological properties Stable
Currency codes Stable
GSQ feature status Stable
Resource stockpile purpose Stable
Transaction type Stable
Rock unit rank Stable
Industry classifications Stable
Public Policy Taxonomy Accepted
Australian Information Security Classifications Submitted
Natural Resource Management Controlled Vocabularies Submitted
Registry Roles Vocabulary Stable
QESD Observed Properties vocabulary Stable
ISO25012 Data Quality Dimensions Stable
ISO19157 Data Quality Dimensions Stable
ISO639-1: Codes for the Representation of Names of Languages Stable
Queensland Environmental Science Data Profile of QUDT Quantity Kinds Stable
Queensland Environmental Science Data Profile of QUDT Units Stable
env: units of measure Stable
env: quantity kinds Stable
env: observable properties Stable
env: substances and taxa Stable
env: environmental features Stable
env: Bioregional Assessment Programme Glossary sources Stable
env: Bioregional Assessment Programme Glossary licenses Stable
env: Bioregional Assessments Programme landscape classification Stable
env: Bioregional Assessment Programme Glossary Stable
env: environment.data.gov.au Def Register Stable
ANZSRC 2020 Fields of Research Accepted
ANZSRC 2020 Socio-Economic Objectives Accepted
Queensland Government Sites Accepted
Queensland Government Agencies Accepted
Queensland Government File types Accepted
NSW Government Standard for Data Quality Reporting Accepted
Dataset Relationships Accepted
Queensland Government Information Security Classifications Accepted
DataCite Resource Types Accepted
Qld Data Licenses Accepted
Minerals Stable
Geo-Commodities Stable
Vocabulary Geoscience Profile of QUDT Units Stable
Australian States and Territories Accepted
Australian Telephone Area Codes Accepted
TERN Vocabularies Stable
Temporal Reference Systems Stable
11179-6 Roles and Responsibilities Accepted
DataCite contributorType roles Accepted
Seismic Dimensionality Accepted
Queensland Resource Permit Status Accepted
ISO19115-1 codelists Accepted
CRS Thesaurus Stable
Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation for Australia v. 7 (IBRA) Stable
TERN AusPlots Vocabulary Accepted
GSQ Dataset Theme Stable
GSQ Features Stable
Earth Science Data Category Stable
Chemical Elements Superseded
CORVEG vocabulary Stable
CORVEG observable property Superseded
CORVEG disturbance height Superseded
CORVEG disturbance proportion Superseded
CORVEG geology reliability Superseded
CORVEG taxa identification Superseded
CORVEG structure basal factor Superseded
CORVEG structural formation Superseded
CORVEG structural formation classification system Superseded
CORVEG strata Superseded
CORVEG soil type Superseded
CORVEG soil texture Superseded
CORVEG soil source Superseded
CORVEG soil reliability Superseded
CORVEG soil colour Superseded
CORVEG disturbance type Superseded
CORVEG site sample type Superseded
CORVEG erosion pattern Superseded