Northern Territory Vegetation Site Database

Submitted by javiersan18 on Fri, 23/06/2023 - 10:02

The Vegetation Sites Database (VSD) is a vegetation and land information system for managing systematically collected site based data and point source records (i.e. threatened species). It is used to store information on the floristics and structure of site based surveys as well as both fine and broader scale environmental attributes. VSD accommodates data requirements of DEPWS and outside agencies (including environmental consultants). VSD has the ability to contain vegetation site data that has been collected for numerous purposes such as mapping, monitoring, habitat recognition, floristic inventory, rare and threatened species and development assessment.

Extracts from a range of data fields in the VSD database have been compiled into a single Northern Territory spatial dataset. This dataset will be regularly updated and is available to the public. The vegetation sites may be viewed and exported via NR Maps. See folder: Vegetation.

The dataset has been transformed into RDF and currently published in

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