env: units of measure
env: quantity kinds
env: observable properties
env: Observable-Properties ontology
env: substances and taxa
env: environmental features
env: Bioregional Assessment Programme Glossary sources
env: Bioregional Assessment Programme Glossary licenses
env: Bioregional Assessments Programme landscape classification
env: Bioregional Assessment Programme Glossary
env: Def Register
AusPIX dataset
ANZSRC 2020 Socio-Economic Objectives
ANZSRC 2020 Fields of Research
Queensland Government Sites
Queensland Government Agencies
Queensland Government File types
NSW Government Standard for Data Quality Reporting
Dataset Relationships
Queensland Government Information Security Classifications
DataCite Resource Types
Qld Data Licenses
Population Distributions
Land Cover and Land Use
Elevation and Depth
Land Parcel and Property
Buildings and Settlements
Administrative Boundaries
Physical Infrastructure
GA VocPub Profile
Vocabulary Geoscience Profile of QUDT Units
AusPix DGGS ontology
Plant Health Surveillance
Australian States and Territories
Australian Telephone Area Codes
Project ontology
Local Government Areas of Australia
CAPAD 2018 - Terrestrial
WWF Terrestrial Ecoregions of the World
Natural Resource Management Regions 2017
Queensland Geological Features Dataset
Place Names dataset
Loc-I Geometry Data Service
TERN Vocabularies
Temporal Reference Systems
Queensland Resource Permit Status
Seismic Dimensionality
DataCite contributorType roles
11179-6 Roles and Responsibilities
GSQ Datasets
Geo Admin Features Ontology
GeoSPARQL extensions
ISO19115-1 codelists
Geofabric Ontology
CRS Ontology
AGRIF Ontology
CRS Thesaurus
CORVEG Dataset
Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation for Australia v. 7 (IBRA)
TERN AusPlots Vocabulary
Data types
GSQ Dataset Theme
GSQ Features
Earth Science Data Category
Chemical Elements
Borehole Profile
CORVEG vocabulary
CORVEG observable property
CORVEG taxa identification
CORVEG structure basal factor
CORVEG structural formation
CORVEG structural formation classification system
CORVEG strata
CORVEG soil type
CORVEG soil texture
CORVEG soil source
CORVEG soil reliability
CORVEG soil colour
CORVEG slope type
CORVEG site sample type
CORVEG site sample level
CORVEG site sample floristics
CORVEG rainforest structure complexity
CORVEG rainforest igf
CORVEG rainforest deciduousness
CORVEG rainforest leaf size
CORVEG Queensland bioregion
CORVEG mapscale
CORVEG location derivation
CORVEG landform type
CORVEG landform pattern