EUDM Profile of DCAT

Submitted by admin on Mon, 15/04/2019 - 15:00

A "profile" is a new form of Linked Data definitional resource, the definition of which is being pursued in the W3C via its Dataset Exchange Working Group (DXWG) which four members of the AGLDWG are also members of. The definition of a profile, as it is developing,  is captured in this Profile Guidance document: which is a WG Editor's Draft about to be released as a Formal First Public Working Draft at which point the W3C will ask for formal submissions for it and I hope AGLDWG members supply submissions.

Requesting this URI now, before the completion of the Profile Guidance work, is, I think, sensible given that whatever the outcome of the DXWG work, it won't radically alter what a profile is, in terms of an Internet resource identified by URI. Issuing now will also allow DXWG to play with a 'real' URI which will help profile definition work and testing.

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