Geo Admin Features Ontology

Submitted by on Tue, 08/10/2019 - 15:15

This ontology describes classes of geological and administrative Feature relevant to the duties of the Geological Survey of Queensland.

As subclasses of the GeoSPARQL Ontology's Feature class, this ontology defines Geological Feature and Administrative Feature. Multiple subclasses of those two main classes are also defined.

Most of the subclasses of Geological Features defined here are not disjoint with other subclasses of it in recognition of the fact that a real-world Feature may be classed in multiple ways. Administrative Feature subclasses, however, are all disjoint having been defined disjointly by people.

References to and positioning of other Features defined elsewhere are made, such as placing the HY_Features model's Catchment and CatchmentAggregate classes as subclasses of this ontology's Basin class. As a result, the classes of object within the LocI project's Geofabric dataset can be related to objects classified using this ontology.

Please see the code repo for the latest version of this ontology:

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