Williams Wet Tropics Vertebrate database

Submitted by javiersan18 on Tue, 30/05/2023 - 12:22

This database contains occurrence data for vertebrates across the Australian Wet Tropics. Species occurrence point data has been collected during field intensive surveys using a variety of sampling methods as well as from the literature and institutional databases. The records are divided into two tables: Misc_records and STD_records. The first contains records collated opportunistically, as well as records collected from literature. The latter is a collection of standardized surveys conducted by Steve E. Williams (JCU).

More information about the dataset: TERN Data Discovery Portal

The dataset has been transformed into RDF and currently published in https://ecoplots.tern.org.au

A subset of the dataset is made available for viewing publicly at the SPARQL endpoint https://graphdb.tern.org.au/repositories/ecoplots

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