Place Names Ontology

Submitted by admin on Mon, 15/04/2019 - 14:49

GA is a facilitator and provider of an Australia-wide platform for integration, access and visualisation of the Place Names (Gazetteer) data in Australia. GA works very closely with Australian States and Territory Jurisdictions on defining common data structure, classification and technical integration architectures. The latest classification was adopted in 2017 and is accessible through the following portal:

In addition to traditional GIS data distribution techniques and formats, GA (with Armin’s help) has undertaken an activity of development an information model (ontology) for the Place Names data and its transformation to the Linked Data Format. The Place Names data in Linked Data format will be available through the Place Names portal soon.

GA would like to register the Place Names ontology at the AGLDWG repository and  would like to apply for the following URI:

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