Queensland Geological Features Dataset

Submitted by nicholas.car on Tue, 04/02/2020 - 09:00

This RDF dataset contains some of the geological Features of Interest (GeoFoIs) of Queensland described and published by the Geological Survey of Queensland.

This dataset considers each GeoFoI to be a specialised form of the SOSA Ontology's Feature of Interest, which allows them to be associated with property obsesrvations.

Each GeoFoI is also considered a specialised form of the GeoSPARQL ontology's `Feature` class meaning they can be associated with one or more `Geometry` objects too.

The dataset as a whole is modelled as being a LocI Dataset which is a specialised form of both a [DCAT2 Dataset](https://www.w3.org/TR/vocab-dcat-2/#Class:Dataset) and a VoID Dataset. This means that the dataset is 1. compatible with the Location Index (LocI) Project's notion of a dataset; 2. has standard catalogue metadata (due to DCAT); and 3. has some RDF/graph properties of it described (due to VoID). This dataset can be used with other LocI datasets.

Currently this API only delivers already public GSQ Structural Framework data, not all of GSQ's Features of Interest but it will grow to inculde more data over time.

The dataset source code (for building it from non-RDF data) is at: https://github.com/geological-survey-of-queensland/qldgeofoi-dataset/

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