ISO19115-1 RoleCodes vocabulary
Geofabric Ontology
CRS Ontology
AGRIF Ontology
CRS Thesaurus
CORVEG Dataset
Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation for Australia v. 7 (IBRA)
TERN AusPlots Vocabulary
Data types
GSQ Dataset Theme
Geoscience Features of Interest
Earth Science Data Category
Chemical Elements
Borehole Profile
CORVEG vocabulary
CORVEG observable property
CORVEG taxa identification
CORVEG structure basal factor
CORVEG structural formation
CORVEG structural formation classification system
CORVEG strata
CORVEG soil type
CORVEG soil texture
CORVEG soil source
CORVEG soil reliability
CORVEG soil colour
CORVEG slope type
CORVEG site sample type
CORVEG site sample level
CORVEG site sample floristics
CORVEG rainforest structure complexity
CORVEG rainforest igf
CORVEG rainforest deciduousness
CORVEG rainforest leaf size
CORVEG Queensland bioregion
CORVEG mapscale
CORVEG location derivation
CORVEG landform type
CORVEG landform pattern
CORVEG landform element
CORVEG isbell soil type
CORVEG grazing severity
CORVEG geology type
CORVEG geology source
CORVEG geology reliability
CORVEG erosion type
CORVEG erosion severity
CORVEG erosion pattern
CORVEG disturbance type
CORVEG disturbance proportion
CORVEG disturbance height
CORVEG disturbance age
CORVEG crown class
CORVEG cover method projection
CORVEG cover method
CORVEG observation groups
CORVEG community extent
CORVEG community area
Spatial Region
Seismic Sampling Method
Sampling Method
Mining Survey Status
Mining Sample
Queensland Mining Permit
Mining Industry Report
GSQ Lithology
GSQ Commodity Code
Geophysical Survey
Geochemistry Sampling Method
Data Access
Borehole Type
Borehole Status
Borehole Surface Circumstance
Borehole Inclination
Plot Ontology
Geological Survey of Queensland Ontology
GNAF 2016 May Addresses to ASGS 2011 Mesh Blocks Linkset
GNAF 2016 May Addresses to ASGS 2016 Mesh Blocks Linkset
AGIFT / CRS Thesaurus Linkset
ASGS 2016 Mesh Blocks to Geofabric Contracted Catchments Linkset
GNAF Current Addresses to Geofabric Contracted Catchments Linkset
ASGS 2011 Mesh Blocks to ASGS 2016 Mesh Blocks Linkset
GNAF Current Addresses to ASGS 2016 Mesh Blocks Linkset
GNAF Current Addresses to ASGS 2011 Mesh Blocks Linkset
Geological and Bioregional Assessments
NEAR Catalogue
ASGS 2011 Dataset
GNAF 2016 May Dataset
ASGS 2016 Dataset
Data Policies Dataset
Geofabric Dataset
GNAF Current Dataset
Registry Ontology's Status Vocabulary
ASGS Ontology
Loc-I Ontology
EUDM Profile of DCAT
ISO19160-1:2015 Address ontology - NZ Profile
ISO19160-1:2015 Address ontology
Dataset Ontology
Foundational Spatial Data Framework (FSDF) Ontology